Sunday, 12 August 2007

Google Stars!

Have you seen this? Google are now offering StarOffice as part of Google Pack!
I've been a fan of the suite, having switched to it about a year ago when I bought a PDA and it wouldn't work with Microsoft Works (incidentally pushing me down the open source route that eventually led to me becoming a Linux user). I'm also a fan of Google pack.
I have two laptops, one running Kubuntu, the other Vista (which I hate, but I only use it for things like iTunes and the Sims 2). I already have Google pack installed on the Vista laptop, and will be downloading Star Office for it (I just tried but it wouldn't download, guess the server was busy).
I think this is a good thing, because I know OpenOffice is a good suite, but isn't as well known as MS Office. Since Star Office is essentially OpenOffice with some extra bells and whistles, I know it can probably compete well with MS Office. If a company with a high public profile like Google is offering it, it will very probably be a huge success. I'll certainly be recommending all my friends try it.

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