Thursday, 28 February 2008

Video of Google's Android platform

Check out this footage of Google's Android mobile phone platform - looks amazing! I particularly like the idea of being able to play Quake or Doom on a phone! Also, it's got a nice, clear web browser that's fast, easy to use and can actually deliver a decent browsing experience, similar to the iPhone.

I want a phone running Android so badly!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Another new desktop!

Ages ago I subscribed to the RSS feed for KDE-Look, but something seemed to happen to it and for ages I didn't get anything from it. Today I cancelled my existing subscription and went back and resubscribed, so it's now working again. While there, I decided to give my desktop a makeover again using the great resources there.

This is the excellent result!

HardyHeron/Alpha5/KubuntuKDE4 - Ubuntu Wiki

HardyHeron/Alpha5/KubuntuKDE4 - Ubuntu Wiki
The first alpha of Kubuntu-KDE4 Hardy has been released!. I still haven't decided whether I will use this or the KDE3 version - hopefully the final version will be reasonably polished!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

TSA Gangstaz

Found this hilarious video on YouTube!

Monday, 25 February 2008

I'm feeling lucky!

I don't know why, but it's only in the last few weeks I've really discovered Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Now I have it on Google Toolbar and I wouldn't be without it. It's so convenient - half the time you know the name of what you're after, you just can't remember the exact address, and "I'm Feeling Lucky" just takes you straight through to the first entry it finds, saving you time.
That's all - give it a try!

Adobe merge on and offline worlds

Today marks the official launch of Adobe AIR after a year in beta. As a budding web developer myself, I really like the idea of being able to create a desktop app with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (they're far simpler than using something like Microsoft Visual C#). But with a Linux version in the pipeline, and Adobe apparently working on AIR versions of their popular applications like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, does this mean that these apps are coming to Linux? I hope so!

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Nokia's nanotech Morph goes on display, signals melting devices in our future - Engadget

Nokia's nanotech Morph goes on display, signals melting devices in our future - Engadget

Check this out - especially the video! Nokia's working on a technology called Morph that would use nanotechnology to create electronic devices that were not only light and powerful, but malleable as well, meaning they can be stretched, folded or squeezed into new shapes, so that buttons can form as needed and the whole thing can be folded up then wrapped round your wrist as demonstrated! And they're looking to start using this in devices in as little as seven years! Pretty cool! It's just a shame that two-thirds of Americans apparently feel that nanotechnology is morally unacceptable - guess they'll have to miss out on cool technology like this!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My new purchase!

Just a short post to say that I am now the proud owner of a white Asus Eee PC! It's a great little machine and I'm having loads of fun with it! I'm writing this post on it and it loads web pages really fast and is really easy to use. It even has Flash preinstalled! It was £230 for the 2GB version, but it came with a free 4GB SD card.

I'll let you know how I get on with it...

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Linux Mint on a USB flash drive

I've succeeded in getting Linux Mint installed on a 2GB USB flash drive, and it runs really well from there! The install from Windows I mentioned earlier didn't work, so I used this one for installing Ubuntu Gutsy from a Live CD and that worked fine! Even Compiz-Fusion works on it!
Mint is a great distro, and ideal for this purpose because it already comes preloaded with everything you need (Java, Flash, MP3 playback etc), so I can now take it anywhere and be able to use Linux from someone else's computer. It's also handy because in easierbuntu I sometimes struggle to remember what things are called in Gnome, being primarily a KDE man. As the USB drive will boot quicker than a Live CD, I can check things in Gnome quickly and easily.

Machines 'to match man by 2029'

Don't know if you've ever heard of Ray Kurzweil, but he's one of the more optimistic futurologists around. I read his book, The Singularity Is Near, a couple of years ago, and it's absolutely staggering - it talks about what will happen once artificial intelligence matches human intelligence. This article is very interesting reading.

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Friday, 15 February 2008


I've tried loads of blogging tools, and I've been struggling to find one that integrates with Firefox in Linux. I've tried ScribeFire before and couldn't get it to work. But I've just installed it on my Kubuntu laptop and I'm going to see if it works OK. If you're reading this you know it works!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Pendrive fun!

One thing I have wanted to try doing for a while is put a Linux distro on a USB pendrive so I can boot into it from any computer, giving me the convenience of being able to get at my own desktop from any computer and the portability and speed of a flash drive. So I'm really pleased to have found Pendrive Linux, a site that provides simple tutorials for installing Linux to a USB flash drive. I'm trying the Linux Mint install from Windows to see how that goes. I'll let you know how I get on!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Yahoo! oneConnect

Now this sounds interesting. Yahoo! oneConnect is a way of keeping in touch with people via your mobile phone, combining IM, email,phone numbers and text.

It's also integrated with a number of social networks, including Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and

And you can see where people are, so if you're on a night out but you're really not having a good time, you can see if a friend is at a nearby bar so you can go and join them.

This is the kind of thing more developers should be making for mobiles (unfortunately Yahoo! don't seem to support my phone with Yahoo! Go at present so I can't use that, and probably won't be able to use this). I'll be watching this carefully...

Hi, I'm Linux! - Part 3

Here's part three - gotta love it!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Why I like

I only started using a few months ago, but I'm already finding it to be an indispensable service. I've long used Google Bookmarks as I have more than one computer so I like to be able to access the same set of bookmarks from all of them, and this serves me very well for this purpose. I don't have any plans to abandon it entirely (at least not for the foreseeable future).

But, at least for me, serves a slightly different purpose. Google Bookmarks is what I use to bookmark sites I will want to return to in the near future, and may visit regularly. By comparison, is what I use to bookmark sites I am unlikely to use regularly, but may want to visit under certain circumstances - things like handy tutorials or bits of code I can see myself wanting to use in future. It's great for keeping an archive of things like that.

By comparison, Google Bookmarks is great for keeping track of the websites I'm likely to visit fairly often (and there is a LOT of them) where I wouldn't want to dig through the huge numbers of sites I've bookmarked on

Also, is a handy search tool. You can search through all the bookmarked sites in the same manner as any other search engine. This is handy because everything in there is something that has been submitted because they may want to refer back to it in future, so you're less likely to come across something that isn't useful or relevant. The tagging system means your search relies on other people's tags, which should mostly be relevant.

So, give it a try. There's a Firefox extension or Flock has built-in support. And many other browsers no doubt have the facilities to support it. It's one of those tools that makes browsing easier and more fun.

Hi, I'm Linux! Part 2

After the first part, I couldn't resist showing the other two! Here's number two...

Monday, 11 February 2008

Hi! I'm Linux!

I've said before that I hate the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" adverts (because they are plain misleading, as well as annoying). That's why I love this spoof ad by Novell (the people responsible for the SuSE distribution).


Design your own desktop with Xfce 4.4

Linux in general is incredibly customisable you may have seen my efforts to make Kubuntu look like Vista. Well, check out this article for details of how to make Xubuntu look like it! Great fun to try!

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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Running KDE4 again in Gutsy

I was so impressed with KDE4 in Kubuntu Hardy that I've reinstalled it to my Kubuntu laptop. The issue I had with Pidgin appears to have been fixed (although many Gnome apps still don't look that great in it).

I've added the extragear-plasma package and put in a few widgets, as well as changed the wallpaper, and here is the result:

It really is very impressive - can't wait to see how KDE4 develops over the next year or so! I imagine we can expect plenty more widgets - in fact, from KDE 4.1 it should support Mac OS X Dashboard widgets, which is good as I would like to use the BBC Radio widget so I can listen to 6music and scrobble the tracks to my profile. I may even see if I can convert it into a KDE4 version myself as I have downloaded it and will see how simple it is. I suspect I won't be able to, but if necessary I can wait for KDE 4.1.

Running KDE4 in Kubuntu Hardy on VirtualBox

I've installed Kubuntu Hardy Alpha 4 in VirtualBox on my Vista laptop and added the KDE4 desktop (just install the KDE4core metapackage) to see how it was coming along. I must say, I'm impressed by the changes that have taken place so far.

Of particular interest is the extragear-plasma package. This includes a number of widgets, including the KDEtwitter widget (which I really want as Linux currently lacks a decent desktop Twitter client - I like Twhirl on Windows but until Adobe AIR is available for Linux there's no prospect of a Linux version of that), a 3D globe (which won't work in VirtualBox unfortunately as the simulated graphics card is not very good) and a comic strip widget which includes Dilbert (which I really like, and that way I wouldn't need to visit the website every day), Garfield, and UserFriendly.

Here's a picture of the desktop:
As you may have gathered, I'm now thinking I will probably use KDE4 in Kubuntu Hardy, even if I can't get Pidgin to work with it - I've got too many IM accounts anyway, and it supports Jabber so my Meebo, Google Talk and Social.IM accounts will work, as will my MSN one, and that's all I really use.

Anyway, hope you like the look of KDE4!

Friday, 8 February 2008

OpenGeu rocks!

I decided to try another distro in VirtualBox - OpenGEU (formerly known as Geubuntu). Essentially it uses the Enlightenment window manager (like gOS does) to create a fast and very nice looking desktop.
It has two main themes available: Sunshine

And Moonlight

Both look very impressive, even running in a virtual machine!

I've only tried two distros running Enlightenment, and both have a very attractive user interface, yet run very fast. Something tells me this desktop has a very bright future ahead of it - it may prove ideal for the generation of subnotebooks that will no doubt be following in the wake of the Eee PC, as it's ideal for low-spec machines yet can produce eye-candy to rival OS X.

Ubuntu Cola goes on sale in the UK

LXF Team Blog » Blog Archive » Ubuntu Cola goes on sale in the UK

How about this? Ubuntu Cola!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

VirtualBox Part 2

This is gOS 2.0 Rocket running in VirtualBox on my Vista laptop. I had been planning a review of gOS 2.0 but I couldn't get it to connect via wireless on the laptop I'd used for the original, but now I can run it in VirtualBox, I'll do it soon. For now, here's a screenshot!


I've decided to give VirtualBox a try today. You see, the other day I wanted to give Fluxbuntu a try, but I didn't realise it wouldn't run as a Live CD, it was install only, so I abandoned it. Now I've installed VirtualBox on my Kubuntu laptop and tried the Live CD ISO image of Fedora 8 in it, but it wasn't really fast enough. So I decided I'd have to install VirtualBox on my Vista laptop instead.
I'm currently installing Fluxbuntu into the virtual hard drive, and I'll let you all know what I think of it. But I'll tell you one thing, I am seriously impressed with how easy VirtualBox is to set up and install. If you are thinking about trying Linux but don't want to disturb your existing Windows or Mac OS X install, VirtualBox represents a great way to try loads of different distros, even ones that won't run in Live CD mode. I will have to cover using it in Easierbuntu soon.

Blogged with Flock

Tuesday, 5 February 2008 is back on Far Beyond the Edge of Reason!

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist it! I miss those great widgets! I've only added two, and gone for the smallest quilt, so it's a bit more restrained than it was! Let me know if you like it, love it or hate it!

Monday, 4 February 2008

What's my name again?

Just for fun, I tried Googling my own name just now. Last time I did so, I found something saying "Matthew Daly is a cocky bastard" (fortunately it wasn't me!), but this time I was expecting a great deal more as I now have a substantial online presence. I actually found a few things about me, like my Blogger and Digg profiles.
But I also found this. Check it out! Apparently my personal power animal is the Giant Anteater. Also my name means Gift of God. Clearly, He is a really crap present buyer!
Check out your name, it's quite funny!

Install gOS on your EeePC in 10 Easy Steps

Awesome! Being fast, easy to use, and designed around web applications, gOS makes a good OS for an ultraportable like the Eee PC. Now, here's a simple guide to installing it on an Eee! I also like the fact there's a link to a software package to make Ubuntu-based distros work better on the Eee - this means I can choose from gOS, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Fluxbuntu, Linux Mint...the list goes on! It's getting harder and harder to avoid going and buying one!

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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Flash Sonic - Play free game on

Flash Sonic - Play free game on

Remember Sonic the Hedgehog? I do! I used to love the Sonic games when I was a kid. Now, you can play this great Sonic the Hedgehog Flash game in your browser!

Moving out?

I haven't made a decision yet, but a friend of mine is looking for a new housemate and I'm thinking of taking the room. For one thing, I'm 29 and I still live at home. How sad am I? For another, I am fed up of living in Diss because when I go out, I have to get the 11 o'clock train back rather than stay out. This house is in Norwich so I could go out clubbing whenever I wanted without worrying about how I was going to get back! It's only going to be £250 a month (I pay my parents £200 a month), plus I wouldn't have to pay the train fare anymore (which is about £130 a month).

Assuming they're willing to have me as a housemate, I wouldn't be moving in till 15th March, but they will be setting up a broadband connection if they can get people to move in (can't survive without the Internet!).

I've just sent him a message via Facebook saying I'm definitely interested in the room and I'd like to see it during the week. Let's see how it goes...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Usborne Book of the Future

Scan of 1979 book of the future - Boing Boing

I remember getting this book from the library when I was a kid - growing up as an SF-obsessive, I loved it. Now it's been scanned onto the Internet, and I'm having a good read through of it. Check it out and see what things are right and what ones are wildly inaccurate!

Kubuntu Hardy Alpha 4 released

HardyHeron/Alpha4/Kubuntu - Ubuntu Wiki

Check this out - the fourth alpha of Kubuntu Hardy looks pretty impressive. It has a great new default wallpaper, and they've added an application called Desktop Effects which enables you to easily set up Compiz Fusion. I've found Compiz Fusion in Kubuntu to be a bit of a nightmare, so I am VERY pleased to see this! Also they have improved integration between KDE3 and KDE4 apps. I can't wait till this is released (due 24 April)!