Sunday, 3 February 2008

Moving out?

I haven't made a decision yet, but a friend of mine is looking for a new housemate and I'm thinking of taking the room. For one thing, I'm 29 and I still live at home. How sad am I? For another, I am fed up of living in Diss because when I go out, I have to get the 11 o'clock train back rather than stay out. This house is in Norwich so I could go out clubbing whenever I wanted without worrying about how I was going to get back! It's only going to be £250 a month (I pay my parents £200 a month), plus I wouldn't have to pay the train fare anymore (which is about £130 a month).

Assuming they're willing to have me as a housemate, I wouldn't be moving in till 15th March, but they will be setting up a broadband connection if they can get people to move in (can't survive without the Internet!).

I've just sent him a message via Facebook saying I'm definitely interested in the room and I'd like to see it during the week. Let's see how it goes...

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