Thursday, 7 February 2008


I've decided to give VirtualBox a try today. You see, the other day I wanted to give Fluxbuntu a try, but I didn't realise it wouldn't run as a Live CD, it was install only, so I abandoned it. Now I've installed VirtualBox on my Kubuntu laptop and tried the Live CD ISO image of Fedora 8 in it, but it wasn't really fast enough. So I decided I'd have to install VirtualBox on my Vista laptop instead.
I'm currently installing Fluxbuntu into the virtual hard drive, and I'll let you all know what I think of it. But I'll tell you one thing, I am seriously impressed with how easy VirtualBox is to set up and install. If you are thinking about trying Linux but don't want to disturb your existing Windows or Mac OS X install, VirtualBox represents a great way to try loads of different distros, even ones that won't run in Live CD mode. I will have to cover using it in Easierbuntu soon.

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