Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Down to work...

Well, today I made a start on working through the exercise book for my web design course. Like anything of this type, it is harder than it sounds. Also, since I have to do it on the computer, there's the obvious temptation of the whole Internet to distract me, not to mention games, and it's very hard not to procrastinate.
Still, I've got a bit of an advantage. Having played around with Google Page Creator and Nvu, as well as putting the widgets onto this blog means I'm not a complete newcomer to HTML. I've also copied out a couple of lines of HTML to run Java applets.
Speaking of Nvu, I decided to use Kompozer instead. Kompozer is essentially a version of Nvu with a load of bug fixes, and designed specifically for Ubuntu, so I am using that instead for the moment. Effectively it's exactly the same as Nvu except in name and these bug fixes.
I'll keep you abreast of how I do on the course.

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