Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Career Opportunities

Just a quick post today (I'm making an effort to blog every day).

I recently enquired about doing a computer training course, and the company that does them sent someone to visit me. He gave me an assessment, which I passed with flying colours, and he offered me a place on one of their courses. As a result, I've decided to start studying HTML with a view to eventually getting a job in web design.
Around this time last year I signed up for a secondment to a project within my employer (mainly to get away from a dull job). It's something I've never regretted, as it really got me out of a rut, and meant I made lots of new friends. But I expected that I'd probably be going back once the project finished. Not anymore, though. The area I came from is being outsourced to another company so I can't go back. This means I have no guarantee of having a job in a year's time.
Since September 2006, I've been learning a lot about computers, eventually leading me to adopt Kubuntu as my OS of choice. While Linux is certainly more challenging than Windows, it's also more transparent, and I find that the way it works makes it easy to get into the more technical issues. So it was natural for me to consider the IT sector. I very nearly opted for a Java course, but after much consideration I went instead for HTML.
Having picked the course I wanted to do, yesterday I rang the rep who came to see me and told him I wanted to do the HTML course. It's going to be £100 for the enrolment fee, and the course will cost a total of £1,750. It'll take about a year, assuming I average five hours work a week (it's done by e-mail). But it'll be worth it if I get a better paid job with better prospects. I'm really looking forward to starting this.

Wish me luck!

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