Sunday, 13 January 2008

Subnotebook madness!

It's always the same, isn't it? You wait years for a Linux-based subnotebook computer, along comes the Eee PC, then hard on its heels come two more!

The Noahpad runs Ubuntu Gutsy, and it looks very well-designed. Unlike the Eee PC, the creators have gone for a hard disk instead of flash memory, but they've managed to make it even smaller than the Eee PC, by using a touch panel as a keyboard. Check it out, it looks like it could potentially be even more revolutionary than the Eee!

The Everex Cloudbook is made by the company that brought us the gPC. It's basically a laptop version of the gPC, and runs gOS. Like the Noahpad, it has a hard drive, and of the three I'd say it's the most conventional laptop. It's still small and cheap, though ($400 from Wal-Mart later this month), so is in a similar price range to the other two.

Looks like the subnotebook market could be getting very crowded very quickly at this rate!

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