Tuesday, 1 January 2008

More apps

I've been trying a few more new applications today, quite apart from CNR. I read about two of the applications that will be in Kubuntu Hardy Heron, KGMailNotifier and Tasty Menu, and decided to try them both out.
KGMailNotifier is essentially a small applet for the KDE system tray. It shows the GMail logo (a small red envelope), and when you receive an e-mail it turns blue and a sign pops up. Handy if you use GMail (or Googlemail as it's known here in the UK), but not essential.
Tasty Menu is very good. It's a replacement for the K Menu (equivalent to the Windows Start menu), but is more complex, but also probably better laid out with three panels, one the main menu, one showing the sub-menus, the other showing the most recently used applications. One annoyance though - it doesn't turn itself off when you launch an application. Instead, you have to either click on the menu to close it, or click on the cancel button. Hopefully this will be sorted in Hardy Heron as it's a minor annoyance. But then, I imagine I'll wind up using the KDE4 version of Hardy so it may not be relevant.

UPDATE: Tasty Menu has crashed the Kicker panel! I've had to uninstall it from the command line and go back to using K Menu. I guess there's a reason why it's not in the repositories yet - hopefully the version that winds up in Hardy will be more reliable.

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