Thursday, 8 November 2007

Ubuntu for 'em

I've posted a thread on the Ubuntu forums about the Flock 1.0 .deb package being available from GetDeb, so that my fellow Ubuntu users know it's there. I've also asked what others think of it - so I can gauge how well it's going down. I've also put on a thread asking for people's opinions of, and that seems to be mostly positive as well.
I was never a great user of the Ubuntu forums, but I've started joining in over the last couple of days - perhaps I was getting a bit sick of all the squabbling on Digg, and being Dugg down when you make a perfectly reasonable comment. I mean, I've made a point never to get involved in flame wars on there - but still you often get people being downright nasty about issues on there.
By comparison, the Ubuntu forums are a breath of fresh air. They're well run, and the general atmosphere is friendly. While debate can sometimes get a bit heated, it almost never descends into nastiness.
While for a long time, my favourite things about Ubuntu and its related projects were how easy they were to get going and the philosophy behind it, I'm starting to see that the real strength of Ubuntu is its community. It's welcoming to newbies, you don't get a response of "RTFM" if you ask a question, and people are generally friendly.
I've slightly changed the name of this blog - it's now Far Beyond the Edge of Reason: Confessions of a Kubuntu Linux user. Nice, huh?
I've had this week off work, and I've spent it going through a book about creating web pages using HTML and CSS, which is teaching me a lot, as it goes into much further detail than the first module of my course. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to create a brand new layout for this blog - I was thinking a sort of Star-Wars style theme, with the title sort of back-tilted the way the intro text to a Star Wars film always is. Still, I'm not quite ready for that yet!

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