Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Impatient? Naughty!

On a whim, I just now decided to look at GetDeb to see if they had packaged Flock 1.0 for Ubuntu Gutsy. Incredibly, they have! So of course I had to uninstall my existing copy from my home folder and download the deb package, then install that using sudo dpkg -i.
I do wish I'd had the patience to wait - then again, I didn't know how long it would take. But I've actually now submitted a proposal to the ideas pool for Hardy Heron (the next version of Ubuntu, which will be the second Long Term Support version), to include Flock in the repositories.
I also said can they reinstate the easy Gmail/Googlemail setup in Thunderbird - why wasn't that present in Gutsy? I've tried the Windows version of Thunderbird 2, as well as the Linux version direct from Mozilla's website, and both had that option, yet the version in the Ubuntu repositories doesn't include that. Anyone know a good reason for that?
I am growing to slowly love GetDeb - it's a great source of packages. I got FreeCol from there (a free software version of Sid Meier's Colonisation), as well as several other applications when I was running Feisty that are now in the repositories for Gutsy. There does seem to be less need for it in Gutsy - I've only gotten FreeCol and Flock from there for Gutsy, although ultimately that could change as Gutsy is only just out - a few months down the line and there could be some killer app I just have to have (maybe Amarok 2.0?).

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