Saturday, 15 March 2008

Google Browser Sync

I've just discovered Google Browser Sync. This excellent Firefox extension enables you to synchronise browser settings such as bookmarks, persistent cookies and (most importantly of all) saved passwords between instances of Firefox on different machines.
For me, this really is a boon because I like to keep updating to the most recent version of Kubuntu as soon as it comes out, and I have in the past always done a fresh install each time, as I find that is the best way to upgrade. It is a real pain having to update all the passwords for all the sites I use every time.
But I think next time I install Kubuntu I'm going to set up my home directory on a separate partition so this shouldn't arise again anyway! Still, I've used Google Bookmarks for ages now and I find it really useful to be able to synchronise my bookmarks between different machines, so I imagine Google Browser Sync will be similarly useful.


John Mangino said...

Nice find!
Makes me a bit paranoid, but sure will be handy.

Works with Flock!


MattBD said...

Thanks John. Great to hear that it works with Flock too - just interested to know if it includes things like settings for the blog editor?
Unfortunately, it doesn't yet work with Firefox 3, which I've just started using on my Windows machine, and will switch to in Kubuntu when I make the move to Hardy Heron. Ah well, it will come soon enough, and there's always Weave as an alternative.