Friday, 28 December 2007

Searching for a blog in a haystack...

Just a minute ago I decided to try seeing which search engines this blog has been indexed by, so I did a search on each for "far beyond the edge of reason". I figured that it should find it easily if I give the name of the blog.
There was no point trying Google - as this blog is hosted by Blogger, Google have already indexed it, and in fact, it actually says on the control panel that if you make it public it will show up in Google searches within a few hours. Just to check, I tried it and it came up as the first option.
It also showed up fine in Yahoo! searches, as well as Lycos and Altavista, but didn't show up on Ask, or Excite.
Or Live Search. It's been over four months since I started this blog, and Microsoft have not indexed it yet. For the supposed third most popular search engine, that is a dismal performance. Naturally, I've submitted it, but I can tell you now, I will never, EVER use Live Search again (not that I ever did before, what with using Firefox I almost always use Google anyway).
I think the only reason Live Search is as popular as it is, is that it's the default search engine in the default browser in the default operating system of the world. Based on how badly it performed in this little, and admittedly not that scientific test, it really does not deserve this position.

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