Monday, 3 September 2007

Pissed at Vista! (I'm using the American sense here, of being angry, as opposed to the English sense of being drunk!)

I hate Windows Vista. Have you ever used it? It's very flashy, but it supports sod-all. It crashes all the time (even for Windows, it's bad). Just about every application that you can think of has some kind of problem with it (with the notable exception of The Sims 2, guess not even the Evil Empire can ignore that).
I was fed up with XP (which was what encouraged me to move to Kubuntu), but compared to Vista, XP is a shining beacon of brilliance. At least, that didn't crash virtually every time you tried to start it up.
Now that Linux is starting to be preinstalled on the desktop, we may now finally be seeing Windows in retreat. Believe me, there's no better advert for Linux than Windows Vista. With easy distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint now available, I think people will increasingly start to question why they are expected to pay for Vista. Since I switched to Kubuntu, I've never looked back.
Rant over...

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