Saturday, 15 September 2007

Diggin' it

You may notice a difference in the layout of my blog from today - the addition of a Digg widget. Yes, after being subscribed to Digg's RSS feed for months, I've finally signed up and started Digging items.
In the time I have been subscribed to the feed, Digg has informed me of many bizarre or interesting things that I would have missed out on otherwise. Since I already spend a few minutes every day going through their feed, I might as well take the opportunity to Digg or comment on a few of these.
One thing though - they say that you can set it up to send items from Digg direct to your Blogger blog (including if it's a Google login like mine), but it doesn't seem to work for me, though I've followed the instructions on the site.
I've also signed up to Slashdot and StumbleUpon, but Digg is the one I imagine I will be getting the most use out of.

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