Saturday, 28 March 2009

Scammers are morons...

Check out this very dumb spam email that was sent to, of all places, the Debian Hurd mailing list, and received a suitably chastening response. I mean, seriously, Linux has a reputation for being geeky, Debian has a reputation among Linux distros for being geeky and the Hurd port is no doubt even geekier (I'm on the mailing list, but only really because I'm interested in the idea of the Hurd and I would like to be able to play with it once I have sufficient skills). Who is dumb enough to think that people on this mailing list will not realise this is a scam? Not to mention the nature of it:
Dear Webmail Account User,

This message is from the webmail administrator/
IT support center to all webmail account users. We are
currently upgrading the data base and e-mail center due tO
unusual activities identified in our email system.
Therefore, We are deleting all unidentified Webmail Accounts
to upgrade and create space for new ones.

You are required to verify your webmail account by
confirming your Webmail identity. This will prevent your
Webmail account from termination during this exercise.

In order to confirm your Webmail identity, you are to
provide the following data below;

First Name:
Last Name:

Please provide all these information completely and correctly
otherwise due to security reasons we may have to deactivate
your webmail account temporarily.

If anyone falls for that one they probably shouldn't be allowed near a computer ever again! I guess it goes to show that most online scammers are in fact utterly stupid people who bank on there being someone even stupider to fall for it.

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