Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Google Chrome - I add my voice to the chorus!

Like pretty much everyone else who's a serious Internet user, I was eager to try Google Chrome. For once I was glad I still have a Windows install! So I downloaded it to my Vista partition, and gave it a spin.
Holy crap, it's fast! Chrome on Windows not only beats Firefox 3 in Windows, it beats Firefox 3 in the Ubuntu partition on the same computer! You REALLY notice the difference on a JavaScript-heavy site such as Digg. And it's really easy to use, because it just gets out of your way.
It's pretty clear to me why Google have created this: Google want people to use the Internet more and more, because this strengthens them. The more efficient your browser, the more useful web apps such as Google Docs and GMail are. By raising the bar, Google are not only creating a great product, they're forcing other browsers to compete with them, even Internet Explorer. If IE doesn't step up to the challenge, they risk losing market share. If they do, then they're facilitating Microsoft's loss of market share for applications such as Word, Excel etc to web-based alternatives.
It's a hell of a strategy, and a classic Google one at that - Google don't compete, they change the rules of the game. They need browsers to get faster and more efficient to make them a match for Microsoft, so they've created Chrome to give them a platform for this. The fact that it's open source means that Apple, Mozilla, whoever, can pick out bits from Chrome to improve their own products, but also gives them a motivation to better it. Each browser that improves its performance like this means Google can compete more effectively with Microsoft.
Put it this way - I've heard that the reason IE spent so long without a new version being released (2001-2006) was because Microsoft were worried about the threat to their business model from the Internet. Now Google are aggressively pushing a new, faster browser that will change the game. I'm inclined to think Microsoft should be very worried.


BobCFC said...

You REALLY notice the difference on an Advert-heavy site such as Digg.

I'd forgotten how much web advertising there was until I tried Chrome in Virtualbox

Can't live without AdBlock plus sorry

Eric said...

does any of you got major bugs with the plug-ins ? Google chrome shuts down the plug ins 1 time out of 2, doesn't matter the plug in (QT, PDF, youtube, WMP) just freeze then come back then freeze more sometime crash !

lambda said...

I actually have to confess, I have yet to try Chrome. I have been seriously considering it later and after reading your entry on it.. it is downloading now xP

Just like to say great blog and that I try to read it whenever I have a spare moment, great job and keep it up :)