Tuesday, 2 October 2007

All change again...

Yes, I've made more changes to the layout, mainly by adding the new Last.fm Tasteometer (well, knowing how much I love Last.fm I had to get it as soon as I knew it was available, didn't I?). If you're on Last.fm (apparently it will also work if you're on MySpace and enter your URL for that) feel free to compare taste.
Speaking of Last.fm, I've spent the last few days buying CD's of acts I've discovered through Last.fm - namely The Knife, Killing Joke and Kyuss. While it's sometimes completely off the wall, it's generally pretty good in terms of recommendations.
In other news, a friend of mine knows someone who is starting a bouncy castle business and needs a website done, but can't afford to pay someone to do it, so I've offered to do what I can. Obviously, at this stage I can't do anything too fancy, but that's not the point - I need the practice and it'll help someone out, so it's worth doing, and they don't really need much at this stage - I imagine it'll just be some text, a few hyperlinks and an e-mail address to contact them, and maybe a few photos. But it's a big step - the prospect of actually doing a website that's going to be put on the Internet is scary (yes, I know I'm already doing this blog, plus I'm on Digg, Facebook and Last.fm, so I'm hardly underexposed).

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